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JetStream Finale Controller is specifically designed to improve your workflow and increase your productivity in Finale. JetStream works with Elgato’s 15-key Stream Deck Mobile app for iOS or 15-key Stream Deck hardware. For those who have invested in Elgato’s 32-key Stream Deck XL hardware, there is even a special version for that, too. Jetstream itself is FREE.

JetStream’s one-touch operation lets you enter notes, add dynamics, articulations, phrase marks, edit content, control playback and much more. Tactile and visual feedback eliminates the need to map and memorize keyboard shortcuts.

Even if you already use a number of custom keyboard shortcuts for Finale with a macro program like Keyboard Maestro or AutoHotkey, JetStream Finale Controller works seamlessly alongside these for both Mac and PC, allowing you to use JetStream Finale Controller with your existing keyboard shortcuts to increase your productivity options even more.

The JetStream Finale Controller is a community-driven project of Finale users with very diverse backgrounds. We are all working together to bring this comprehensive free automation tool to the Finale user community. (The Stream Deck hardware, or iOS app are your out of pocket cost). Our grassroots team is made up of professional music copyists and engravers; composers, arrangers, orchestrators, musicians and educators, and programmers. We think you will be blown away by the things JetStream allows you to do in Finale. We encourage you to share information about JetStream Finale Controller and this site with other Finale users.

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