JetStream Finale Controller

Don’t Just Streamline Your Workflow… JetStream it!

JetStream Finale Controller is specifically designed to increase your speed and productivity in Finale. JetStream works with Elgato’s 15-key Stream Deck Mobile app for iOS and Android or 15-key Stream Deck hardware.

Finale professionals who have invested in Elgato’s 32-key Stream Deck XL hardware can harness the power of the enhanced JetStream proXL, which features a 4×8 button matrix for even more efficient navigation and enhanced productivity.

If you are a Mac user who works with Keyboard Maestro, we’ve even created a version for you (which can also work in tandem with the Stream Deck versions as well as your existing shortcuts) containing nearly 500 power-user functions.

You can also control the JetStream plug-in directly by typing commands into the dialog.

All versions of Jetstream itself are FREE.

JetStream’s one-touch operation lets you enter notes, add dynamics, articulations, phrase marks, edit content, and much more.

Tactile and visual feedback eliminates the need to map and memorize keyboard shortcuts.

There are nearly 1000 functions in version 1 of JetStream, including over 400 powerful Lua macro scripts to enhance your productivity.

If you already use a macro program like Keyboard Maestro or AutoHotkey, we have great news for you.

JetStream Finale Controller works seamlessly alongside these for both Mac and PC, allowing you to use JetStream Finale Controller with your existing keyboard shortcuts to increase your productivity options even more.

And JetStream KM, our Keyboard Maestro version of JetStream has over 400 macros already set up for you to assign triggers to any way you’d like.

JetStream Finale Controller is a community-driven project of Finale users with very diverse backgrounds. We are all working together to bring this comprehensive free automation tool to the Finale user community. (The Stream Deck hardware, iOS or Android subscription or Keyboard Maestro macro program are your out of pocket cost).

Our grassroots team is made up of professional music copyists and engravers; composers, arrangers, orchestrators, musicians and educators, and of course, programmers.

Don’t just take our word for it. Read this review of JetStream by a professional note-setter:
Jet-Setting with JetStream Finale Controller” by Engraver’s Mark Music

We think you will be blown away by the increase in productivity JetStream will give you in Finale. We encourage you to share information about JetStream Finale Controller and this site with other Finale users.

Download JetStream Finale Controller using the links below, and please subscribe to the JetStream Finale Controller YouTube channel and join the JetStream Finale Facebook Group for general support and discussion.

Ready to JetStream Your Workflow?

If you don’t already own the Elgato Stream Deck hardware, you may want to purchase either the 15-key or 32-key version of Stream Deck, both of which JetStream Finale Controller supports. Click these links for more info:

Please Read Our Disclaimer:

Stream Deck functions for JetStream are only compatible with the English version of Finale. This is because it sends commands to Finale’s menus. The JetStream Lua script will still work.

Ongoing development of JetStream Finale Controller, and the JetStream software product itself is completely and totally separate from Finale, MakeMusic, Stream Deck, Elgato Gaming, Keyboard Maestro, Stairways Software or their affiliates. No financial, tech support or other arrangements have been made with these companies.

Use the JetStream at your own risk. We’re not responsible for any adverse consequences. It’s freeware, after all! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯