JetStream Finale Controller Installation for Keyboard Maestro

Note: current files can always be found at

Keyboard Maestro

JetStream KM is designed to access the most powerful features of JetStream Finale Controller. While it can be used in conjunction with the Stream Deck hardware, it can also operate completely independently of it, or be integrated into your JetStream Finale Controller Stream Deck setup for increased productivity.

Some of the more basic functionality of the JetStream Finale Controller, such as menu or tool selection, have been left out of this version. The logic is that as a KM user, you most likely have already programmed your own shortcuts for tool and menu selection. Even so, there are close to 500 powerful functions in this version.

The KM version allows you to access the more advanced functionality of the JetStream.lua scripting, divided into Task Groups.

By default, each of these Task Groups is set up as a Keyboard Maestro Palette, which can activated and deactivated by a shortcut, or appear in Keyboard Maestro’s Global Palette. Of course, you can change the shortcuts to whatever you want, and create your own custom palettes to group things in the best way for your own workflow.

A good way to start is by using the Global Palette. With the Global Palette visible on screen, you can click on the Task Group you want, and the Task Group Palette will open up, with icons of the various available functions. A number of these functions have keyboard shortcuts or text string triggers already assigned. Palettes only respond to specific strings or shortcuts when open, so you can reallocate shortcuts as you need to.

In the “WWW Resources” group, you will find a “Check for JetStream KM Updates” – you can check for newer versions at any time, and download new versions as they become available. Note that if you change the default shortcuts, or want to group shortcuts together in a different way from the defaults, you should make copies of these functions, and move them into your own custom groups, as the updater loads the full set each time.

Download & Install KM Macros

You should have received a link via eMail. Download, and unzip the Keyboard Maestro version file. Double click on the file labeled JetStream Macros.kmmacros to add JetStream to your Keyboard Maestro setup.

Install JW Lua

  1. Find your Finale plug-ins folder (If you’re not sure where it is, you can always check in the Folders section of your Finale Preferences). The default locations for various versions are:

Finale v26: /Library/Application Support/MakeMusic/Finale 26/Plug-ins

Finale v25: /Library/Application Support/MakeMusic/Finale/Plug-ins

Finale 2014.5: /Library/Application Support/MakeMusic/Finale 2014.5/Plug-ins

  1. Navigate to that folder in the Finder and create a new folder called “JW Lua” (note the space) and open it.
  2. Use the following links to download JW Lua:
    1. Finale 25 and later (Most Compatible)
    2. Finale 2014.5 and earlier (May Lose Some Functionality)
  3. Locate the downloaded zip file and double-click it to create a .bundle file. For Finale 25 and later this will be jwlua64.bundle. For earlier versions it will be jwlua.bundle.
  4. Add the .bundle file to the JW Lua folder created in step 2.

Install the JetStream.lua script

  1. Copy the JetStream.lua file you downloaded to a location you can remember.
    1. You may want to use the Library/Application Support/MakeMusic/Finale…./Plug-ins/JW Lua folder you created above.
    2. Another option might be a cloud synced folder that you access from multiple computers.
  2. Launch Finale, and open a document (the Plug-in menu is not available without an open document).
  3. Choose Plug-ins > JW Lua > JW Lua…. The JW Lua plug-in appears.
  4. Select the Manager tab.
  5. Under Plug-in Groups, select Menu.
  6. In the Items in Group section, click New. An Open dialog box appears.
  7. Navigate to where you copied JetStream.lua and choose JetStream.lua. Click Open, and the JetStream lua script should appear in the list at the bottom of the plug-in.
  1. You may get a warning that changes will not be reflected until you restart Finale. Close this dialog box, close the plug-in, and exit Finale so that the menu updates.
  2. Launch Finale again, and open a document so the plug-ins aren’t grayed out. “JetStream Finale Controller” should appear under Plug-ins > JW Lua

Please Read Our Disclaimer:

Ongoing development of JetStream Finale Controller, and the JetStream software product itself is completely and totally separate from Finale, MakeMusic, Stream Deck, Elgato Gaming, Keyboard Maestro, Stairways Software or their affiliates. No financial, tech support or other arrangements have been made with these companies.

Use the JetStream at your own risk. We’re not responsible for any adverse consequences. It’s freeware, after all! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯