JetStream Finale Controller Installation for Windows

NOTE: Here’s a brief overview of how JetStream works. You push a button on your Stream Deck. That sends a command to JetStream.exe, which in turn executes another function. Sometimes that means it will access a menu item, sometimes that means it accesses the JetStream.lua script and enters a 4-digit code.

JetStream.exe is not meant to be run on its own, and you will only get an error message from it if you try. Likewise, if you try and access the “Jetstream Finale Controller” script directly it will ask for a code… But with over 400 functions built in you won’t know what code is for what function!

So please follow these directions carefully. Little things like capitalization matter! You can also view a video version on YouTube here:

Install Stream Deck Software

  1. Install the Stream Deck desktop application from Downloads |
  2. There are different options for Stream Decks that work with the current setup:

Syncing the iOS app with your Computer

  1. Ensure both your iPhone/iPad and computer are on the same Wi-Fi network.
  2. Click on “Stream Deck” in the upper left hand corner of the app and select “Add iPhone”.
  3. Scan the QR code presented on your screen with your iPhone/iPad.

Install JW Lua

  1. Find your Finale plug-ins folder (If you’re not sure where it is, you can always check in the Folders section of your Finale Preferences). The default location for Finale 26 is “C:\Program Files\MakeMusic\Finale\26\Plug-ins”.
  2. Navigate to that folder in File Manager and create a new folder called “JW Lua” (note the space and capitalization) and open it.
  1. Use the following links to download JW Lua:
    1. Finale 25 and later (Most Compatible)
    2. Finale 2014.5 and earlier (May Lose Some Functionality)
  2. Locate the downloaded zip file and extract the ENTIRE contents into the “JW Lua” folder you created in step 2. That includes these three files:
    1. jwlua64.fxt
    2. jwluatagfile.xml
    3. SciLexer.dll

Download the JetStream files

By signing up with us you should have received an email with a link to a .ZIP file containing:

  1. The main JetStream Finale Controller profile (or JetStream Finale Controller proXL).
  2. The JetStream Current profile (or JetStream Current pro XL) for your own customizations.
  3. The JetStream.exe macro program.
  4. The current JetStream.lua script.

Install the JetStream.lua script

  1. Copy the JetStream.lua file you downloaded to a location you can remember.
    1. You may want to use the “JW Lua” folder you created above.
    2. Another option might be a cloud synced folder that you access from multiple computers.
  1. Launch Finale, and open a document (the Plug-in menu is not available without an open document).
  2. Choose Plug-ins > JW Lua > JW Lua…. The JW Lua plug-in appears.
  3. Select the Manager tab.
  4. Under Plug-in Groups, select Menu.
  5. In the Items in Group section, click New. An Open dialog box appears.
  6. Navigate to where you copied JetStream.lua and choose JetStream.lua. Click Open, and the JetStream lua script should appear in the list at the bottom of the plug-in
  7. You may get a warning that changes will not be reflected until you restart Finale. Close this dialog box, close the plug-in, and exit Finale so that the menu updates.
  8. Launch Finale again, and open a document so the plug-ins aren’t grayed out. “JetStream Finale Controller” should appear under Plug-ins > JW Lua

Install JetStream.exe Automation Application

  • JetStream uses the AutoIt scripting language to interface with Finale’s menus directly. Download the latest version of JetStream.exe from the main JetStream website and copy it to a new folder called “C:\Program Files\Elgato\StreamDeck\JetStream”. You may need Administrator Privileges to do this.
  • AutoIt programs can sometimes trigger false positives from antivirus software as a trojan virus. Please be assured that our program does nothing harmful to your computer, but the antivirus software doesn’t know that. You will need to have your antivirus software ignore either the JetStream.exe file itself, or to ignore the entire folder you will install it to (C:\Program Files\Elgato\StreamDeck\JetStream). If you run into this problem, here are instructions for allowing exceptions in Microsoft’s Windows Defender:
  • Open the Windows Security app by pressing the Windows Key and typing “Security,” then hitting Return.
  • In Windows Security, click on Virus & threat protection.
  • Under Virus & threat protection settings click Manage settings.
  • Scroll down until you find Exclusions, then click Add or remove exclusions.
  • Click on the + next to Add an exclusion and choose Folder from the dropdown list. Navigate to C:\Program Files\Elgato\StreamDeck\JetStream and choose Select Folder.
  • You can now safely add JetStream.exe to this folder. If you use 3rd party antivirus software such as AVG or McAfee, you may need to follow other directions specific to your product.

Install and Configure the JetStream Stream Deck Profiles

The main JetStream profile file will be named something like this: “JetStream Win 200501.streamDeckProfile”. The file name should be appropriate for your device (e.g. JetStream or JetStream ProXL), your platform (Windows) and also provides a version number. To install this Stream Deck profile, simply double click on it.

Each install download also contains a second file which we provide for Custom Control – a place you can copy and organize your own sets of shortcuts.

This file is labeled something like “1-time install Win – use For Your Custom Shortcuts.streamDeckProfile”. You install this file the same way; by double clicking on it. Once you start creating your own custom shortcuts within this profile, you should not replace this profile since that would overwrite your own custom shortcuts. But we will continue to provide this custom control profile with each update for new users.

To get the full functionality of JetStream and JetStream Custom Control / Current, make sure they are linked to one another. “Custom Control” is a special type of button in the Stream Deck which connects two related profiles together.

  1. Using the Stream Deck configuration software, switch to the JetStream Finale Controller profile, and choose the “Custom Control” icon in the upper left.

2. Set the destination Profile to “JetStream Current.” (Note that you will have to do this each time you update to a new version of JetStream Finale Controller as well).

3. Now you need to open the “JetStream Current” profile. This “custom” or “current” profile also needs to link *back* to the main JetStream Finale Controller profile.

Locate the “JetStream Control” button at the top left, and in the Profile: popup, choose “JetStream Finale Controller”. You will now be able to navigate between your Custom (Current) profile and the main JetStream Finale Controller profile for maximum productivity.

If you are just starting out we recommend that you first familiarize yourself with the various groups of tools and functions built into the main JetStream before experimenting with creating your own task groups.

Once you are ready to start creating your own custom control layouts, simply copy any button from the main JetStream Finale Controller to your computer clipboard (don’t CUT!), then switch to the JetStream Current profile and paste into your desired location.

Please Read Our Disclaimer:

Ongoing development of JetStream Finale Controller, and the JetStream software product itself is completely and totally separate from Finale, MakeMusic, Stream Deck, Elgato Gaming, Keyboard Maestro, Stairways Software or their affiliates. No financial, tech support or other arrangements have been made with these companies.

Use the JetStream at your own risk. We’re not responsible for any adverse consequences. It’s freeware, after all! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯