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8vb / 15mb

You may discover that the Smart Lines for 8vb and 15mb incorrectly produce 8va and 15ma below the staff in JetStream, rather than the expected 8vb and 15mb.

This is actually working correctly in JetStream, but somewhere along the way, MakeMusic changed the symbols for Octave Down (8vb) and Two Octaves Down (15mb) to ALSO be 8va and 15ma, which is incorrect.

The solution is to navigate to Smart Shape > Smart Shape Options… Select Octave down from the popup menu, which is now incorrectly labeled “Octave Down (8va)”, then press the Select button, and choose the correct 8vb symbol from the Symbol Selection dialog. Then do the same thing for two octaves down, choosing “15mb”.

Now, the corresponding Smart Line buttons in JetStream will produce the expected results.


You can program the Custom Line tool in the Smart Lines folder in one of two different ways. You can Opt+click the tool on Mac, or Ctrl+click tool on Windows, then select the line you want as your Custom Line. From that point, the Custom Line tool will apply this Smart Line until you change it. You can also move any Line up to the top of the Smart Line Selection dialog (without doing it programmatically) and it will be chosen by default as your Custom Line.

Be aware that all Custom lines applied Jetstream will appear above the staff in v1.0. One of the things on our list for v2.x is a dedicated Pedal line to go below the staff.


We realize that not everyone uses Finale’s Default shortcuts, so for Simple Entry, we have provided “blank” button graphics for Articulations and Dynamics.

This “custom” set is found in the “Use For Your Own Custom Shortcuts” Profile, which we refer to as “JetStream Current”.

Click on a button, then “click to assign” and press your preferred hotkey. Now you can use these during note entry using either the computer keyboard or the JetStream.

Of course, if you haven’t changed the defaults, you can use the provided Articulation and Dynamics buttons that are found in the JetStream Finale Controller Simple Entry group.

Please Read Our Disclaimer:

Ongoing development of JetStream Finale Controller, and the JetStream software product itself is completely and totally separate from Finale, MakeMusic, Stream Deck, Elgato Gaming, Keyboard Maestro, Stairways Software or their affiliates. No financial, tech support or other arrangements have been made with these companies.

Use the JetStream at your own risk. We’re not responsible for any adverse consequences. It’s freeware, after all! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯