JetStream Custom Control

JetStream Finale Controller’s “Custom Control” section is a place for you to create your own productivity sets. You can copy folders and buttons from the main JetStream profile into this custom control section. This is actually a second JetStream profile you include the first time you install JetStream Finale Controller, which you keep linked to the main JetStream profile.

Many Finale users will choose to work exclusively from the buttons and groups available from the main page of JetStream Finale Controller.

However, we realize everyone works differently. Composers, Arrangers, Orchestrators, Copyists and Engravers all have different ideal workflows for productivity. This custom control area of JetStream Finale Controller, which we refer to as “JetStream Current” provides you a space that you can use to create and store your own “productivity sets” for your particular working style.

The tools in JetStream are laid out by categories: System and Score, Note Input, Entry / Write, Editing, View etc. But often, particularly for professional users, a typical workflow combines several different task types. JetStream Finale Controller allows you to Copy (don’t use Cut!) specific buttons or folders, and paste them into the Custom Control profile any way you would like.

For instance, on the default JetStream Current page, we’ve created a sample PART LAYOUT TOOLS folder, which allows you to do tasks you might need when creating part layouts, such aslock and unlock systems, break and consolidate multirests, increase or decrease the width between systems, align dynamics with TG Tools, View Page Width or Fit Page, position Tuplets and Copy Part Layout.

The point is, any group of tools you use together can be grouped here by copying and pasting the buttons or folders from the main JetStream Finale Controller area.

Another advantage to this approach is that as new updates for JetStream Finale Controller are released, you won’t overwrite any of your customizations.

When new updates are downloaded for JetStream, you may need to reconnect your custom “JetStream Current” setup and the main JetStream controller. To do this, select the Stream Deck icon in the menu bar, choose “Configure Stream Deck” then click on the JetStream Control icon. When the info appears below, make sure that the Device shows Current and the Profile shows JetStream Finale Controller.

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